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2018-03-04     Maybe not building a scale 1:12 BMW E30 M3

BMW E30 M3

Or at least not this particular model. Turns out Minichamps is planning to release this model in scale 1:12 soon.

2017-09-03     Building a scale 1:12 BMW E30 M3 - update

BMW E30 M3

Another update. Testing a decal set that was originally designed for a scale 1:18 Minichamps model. Only really minimal adjustements needed. This proves that the 1:12 Ottomobile base model used for the resin cast has very similar dimensions/proportions to the 1:18 models ... not always the case for 1:12 models! The 1987 van de Poele car is not yet the livery for my current build as this is a later M3 model (or rather the wheels are) - only testing. To be continued.

2017-08-29     BMW E12 530i Kinley 24h Spa 1978 Peltier-Nève

BMW E12 530i Kinley 24h Spa 1978 Peltier-Nève

The Kinley liveried BMW 530i by Team Serge Power that Alain Peltier and Patrick Nève took to third place in the 1978 Spa Francorchamps 24h.

2017-08-19     Builing a scale 1:12 BMW E30 M3 in DTM race trim!

BMW E30 M3

As promised: an update. After *a lot* of grinding and fitting the main components now fit together well. Bodywork, chassis, wheels, roll cage are now all in the correct position and the overall stance of the car looks right. I've started painting the wheels and grill. The decal set is finished but I'll keep that one a surprise for now. To be continued.

2017-08-13     BMW E30 M3 Unitron DTM 1991 Kelleners

BMW E30 M3 Unitron DTM 1991 Kelleners

I love these privateer cars that have sponsor logo’s all over the place but manage to have a resulting overall livery that is still attractive. A big part of the attraction to me on this one is the use of only red and black on a white background. Love it! A full decal set is available for this model.

2017-08-10     Want to build a scale 1:12 BMW E30 M3 in DTM race trim?

a car

Here's your chance. Now available at This is a curbside model and some building experience will be welcome for this project. I have purchased a kit and am currently working on it. I'll try to post updates soon. Btw, the wheels in this picture are a little too small. This has been corrected in the sets being sold.

2017-08-06     Promised photo added to the website

BMW E30 M3 Marlboro Rally Ieper 1990 Bosch-Gormley

As promised: a comparison of both custom builds of the John Bosch and Kevin Gormley 1990 BMW E30 M3 Marlboro sponsored rally car. As you can read in the full model description: the build with the 5-spoke wheels was purchased from a German commercial custom builder but heavily modified by me to correct some paint & decal inaccuracies. The build with the 7-spoke wheels is purchased from a Spanish custom builder and is shown as purchased. Much better finish and attention to detail.

2017-07-12     Theme: BMW in the Macau Guia touring car races


The first theme page is ready: an overview of BMW touring cars in the Macau Guia races between 1980 and 2006. No less than 34 photos to show the evolution of the typically quite colorful liveries of these race cars. With special attention to 1:18 models, both commercially available ones and custom builds. Enjoy!

2017-07-01     More Macau Models

BMW E30 M3 Mr Juicy Macau 1990

... and one rally car. Three E30 M3's and one E36 320i. Two decal sets. The website now shows 23 finished models and shares 15 decals sets.

2017-06-15     The Italian update!


BMW E30 M3 Agip ITCC 1989 Pirro
BMW E30 M3 Monteshell ITCC 1989 Laffite
BMW E30 M3 Prodrive Agip Rally Due Valli 1988 Zanussi-Amati

Two models from the 1989 Italian Touring Car Championship (ITCC) and one rally model from the year before. Two of these cars are in the infamous 1980's BMW Motorsport racing stripes livery ... and for all three models decal sets are available!

2017-06-09     3 models & 1 decal set added to the website

BMW E30 M3 Benson Hedges Bathurst 1000 1992

This time it's 3 E30 M3's. This yellow beauty that raced in Australia, a red & gold one that raced in Macau and finally a colorful Belgian classic. Check out the "models" page! The decal set is for this Benson & Hedges livery. The website now shows 16 finished models and shares 10 decals sets.

2017-06-04     3 more models & 4 decal sets added to the website

BMW E30 M3 Fuji DTM 1990

Models added: this 1990 DTM M3, an E30 M3 in JPS livery and a Marlboro-liveried 635 raced in Macau. Decals are now available for this last model + 3 other models that were already on the site but for which the decals were not posted yet. Check out the "models" and "decals" pages!

2017-05-28     3 models & 2 decal sets added to the website

BMW E36 318i Castrol Procar 1994

These models are an E24 635 Csi, an E30 M3 and this E36 318i. Check out the "models" page: new models are added at the bottom. The decals for the "Kuemmerling" DTM M3 were partially purchased but the other 2 decals sets are my own designs entirely and therefore available! Especially the 318i one took a lot of time to put together with all the different sponsor logos. Enjoy!

2017-05-19     New model: BMW E46 M3 GTR SiemensVDO 24h Spa 2004

BMW E46 M3 GTR SiemensVDO 24h Spa 2004

Autoart made 4 very similar model versions of this car, matching the 2004 and 2005 liveries used for the endurance races at the Nurburgring. The version I made is for the 2004 Spa Francorchamps 24h race.

2017-05-09     Hosted

An idea for a website is one thing. Actually building the whole thing and getting it hosted is another :) So I've published what I have for now, even if it isn't complete yet. I've completed more than 30 custom builds but I'm going to start with 6 models to get everything started and tested. As more models become available (especially new ones) I will post it here on the homepage / news section.

2017-05-01     A new website

Welcome to this website dedicated to customizing race car models. Most of the cars are BMW's. Most of the models are scale 1:18. The idea is to show off my own work but also to share my decal designs so you can customize your own models! Printing decals and applying them is not hard at all and it doesn't require any special equipment. Just some special decal paper but that is readily available through many resellers. Creating the decal designs is a lot more time consuming! I have invested so much time in these designs I think it's time to share.